1) Reread each story and discuss the similarities and differences within the the story.

A) What are the similarities and differences between Mrs. Sommers and Mrs. Mallard?

B) How do both characters change throughout the story? Are their transformations similar or unique in any way?

C) Imagine both characters meeting for the first time, what might they say to each other?

D) Closely examine the plot of each story, as well as the main characters and their current living situations. Are there any similarities between both stories?

E)Are there common themes throughout both stories? If so what are they and provide examples from both stories.

F) Do you believe that the settings in the stories are similar (think about mood, place, time etc.)?

G) Discuss how does the point of view in each story contribute meaning to each story?

H) Write down quote from each story that are significant and compare meanings and relevance.